Backyard Chickens: The Ad-HEN-ture Begins

Backyard Chickens - Welcome to our Ad-HEN-ture

Welcome to our urban chicken Ad-HEN-ture! Plus, a clucking delicious egg salad recipe.Let the ad-HEN-ture beginWe’ve done it! We finally have “livestock.” Over the past 3 years of planning and dreaming of our urban homestead, one thing has rung true for us: chickens are a must.Sure, we have carved out a giant garden that will be […]

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Canned Meat: What to do with it

Canned meat is an absolute staple in the Everything Pantry. It is convenient and versitile.

As you stroll into the canned goods isle of your local supermarket you will inevitably come across those flat cans of ham, chicken and turkey along side the tuna. You might wonder “who eats this stuff?” Me, I’m the weirdo that eats it. After reading this post you very well might find yourself hoping aboard […]

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Skillet Creations: For when you forget to thaw the meat

Skillet creations: For when you forget to take the meat out of the freezer. Simplified versions of your favorite meals and comfort food.

Swedish Meatball Skillet Skillet Hamburgers Sloppy Joe’s I’ll be honest, recently, no matter my best laid plans, our busy schedule often leads to a “take what you can get, at least we are eating together” scenario when it comes to dinner. I usually have dreams of making hand raised pork pies or something equally ambitious, […]

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Mustard From Pantry Staples

Mustard PowderMustard is such a versatile condiment. The variety is endless as you experiment with different bases and seed variety. Our family tends to stick to the milder end of things so my pantry only has yellow mustard seed but, if you are more spicy, here is a great resource to get you experimenting. This post […]

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Side Dish Bean Recipes

Dried beans are a fantastic addition to your Everything Pantry. Beans are nutritious and versatile, just add a new sauce and you have created a whole new dish!

It’s all well and good to stock up on beans simply because they are an inexpensive nutritious food, but what the heck do you do with them once you are sick of vat after vat of variations on baked beans?I have in the past, pondered that very question as I stared at my dinner plate […]

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Ketchup From Pantry Staples

Ketchup. So quick to whip up from a few

When I became a mom and started researching food items in order to choose the most healthful for my minions, I found articles reporting the crazy amount of sugar in a condiment I thought was pretty neutral health wise.Well that wouldn’t do at all. I had to find an alternative, but I was not interested […]

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BBQ Sauce From Pantry Staples

A little smoky, a little sweet with some heat. A thick and delicious Kentucky style BBQ sauce made from pantry staples. It only takes a couple minutes to whip up.

A little smoky, a little sweet with some heat. This delicious Kentucky style BBQ sauce made from pantry staples is thick and dip-able, just like it ought to be. Better yet, it only takes a couple minutes to whip up. The Recipe 2 cans (5.5 fl oz/156 ml) tomato paste 2 TBSP (30 ml) white vinegar […]

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The Everything Pantry Essential Tool Kit:

Essential kitchen tools for your frugal

Tools and Appliances For a Successful Frugal KitchenA successful “Sweat Equity” approach to your grocery budget begins with your kitchen tool choices.With that in mind, I thought it might be helpful to provide a list of the “cannot live without” tools I use in my own frugal kitchen.I am a huge fan of versatile multi-use […]

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Salt – for a clean mouth and a clean house

Salt. It's antibacterial properties are fantastic for oral health and it's grittiness works like a charm to scour away tough dirt and grime; not to mention it's many other useful household cleaning and deodorizing talents.

Mouthwash When my son had to have his tonsils removed, our ENT specialist suggested gargling with salt because of its antibacterial properties. Once he had healed, we kept on with this strategy to give us all an added level of defense against the seasonal cold bug or whenever we start to feel a sore throat […]

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Whole Wheat & Olive Oil Drop Biscuits

Whole Wheat & Olive Oil Biscuits. There is nothing like a piping hot biscuit paired with a soup or stew or even a touch of honey.

There is nothing like a piping hot biscuit paired with a soup, stew or even a touch of honey. This recipe was born of necessity really. Hubby and I had wrung in the New Year on the husky side again and I wanted an alternative and somewhat “cholesterol friendly” quick drop biscuit recipe. The traditional […]

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