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Shiitake Mushroom Powder

Shiitake Mushroom Powder: The

This is my “secret” ingredient that makes everything have an amazing depth of flavour. It had never occurred to me to use mushroom powder as a healthy umami substitute for MSG laden bouillons. I had an unfounded bias against mushrooms dating back to my childhood because they “looked yucky.” After trying out this natural flavour […]

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What Is Urban Homesteading?

Urban homesteading comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s all about doing what you can to save money by fending for yourself where you’re at. Maybe you can turn your lawn into a garden that will provide you with all your produce each year or maybe you have an extra closet in your condo that you can convert into a light garden with micro greens and container carrots. Perhaps your city ordinance allows for hens and meat rabbits or maybe you learn to hunt and find a corner in your townhouse to fit a small chest freezer and store canned meat in bins under the bed in the spare room.

What is an urban homesteader? Hippie? Nope. A fancy name for “pretending to be a farmer in the city?” You’re getting warmer. I’ll bite, what’s the homesteading part about? “Urban” homesteading reaches that demographic of people who yearn to be more independent than urban life would seem to allow. It’s for those who find the […]

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