We are so glad you popped by to see us here at Bulwark Arms; our quarter acre urban homestead. Here at the homestead, frugal fundamentals are the key to walking that tight-line between struggling to make ends meet and the chaos of balancing full time work with a full family life. That tight-line is where we have found living a fulfilling life created by our own hands and continually learned skills resides.

In our household we know that every penny earned is hard fought and precious. With this blog we hope to encourage you in your thrifty lifestyle quest and help you succeed by sharing the strategies we use to save money, DIY and still live comfortably.

Although we have only been on this particular property since early 2017, we have been cultivating our homestead-craft skills and honing our frugal efficiency for as long as I can remember. I am always weary of trying a new recipe or method because if it tastes terrible or doesn’t accomplish the outcome you were hoping for, your budget is blown by having to back track and try again. Trust me, celery bread is NOT a brilliant new recipe to take advantage of all that extra produce you got for free.

Our notion is that humor is the blackberry jam in life’s peanut butter sandwich, you can eat it without it, but they are sweeter together. To that end, we hope to entertain as well as inform and aim to share with you only those recipes and skill methods that ourselves, our children and our homesteading peers have personally tested and find worthy of passing on.

Frugal onward and prosper,